SILO 002 K7
M.T.U.A, Käpäk & Jack Tezam (France)
published in collaboration with

The SILO label offers the artists it accompanies to meet and to experiment with new sound devices in a wide concrete silo. A narrow cast iron door provides access to the cylindrical space immersed in glowing reddish twilight wherein the sound experience becomes as introspective as it is strongly physical. These moments of residency function as timeless wanderings in the heart of the convolutions of this generous vibrating and demanding space that imposes its own rules.

For this second outlet, M.T.U.A. and Käpäk combine and build on their common experiences for a new perambulation at the center of the silo. Oscillating between electroacoustic experimentation and resonating chants, they offer, on a cassette tape, the result of two days and two nights of in situ work.

SILO 002 is a science / fiction project : a collaboration that pushes mediums to respond and embed and from which the architected silo structure is superimposed over abstract graphic clouds. Following the immersion in the center of this sound phenomena, we were keen to offer a visual translation, both subjective and rigorous. To do this, Jack Tezam inked point by point the mental traces we shared with him.

audio tape : 2x45 minutes of sound
experiments by M.T.U.A. & Käpäk
recorded in November 2016 at the Silo
limited edition, 150 copies
case : Inkjet print on transparent vinyl
+ issues : silkscreen print on 150 g/m2 paper
language : FR 🇫🇷
graphic design : Cyril Makhoul
printed in france by Hugo Charpentier