Woody Van Tassel (France)

After hitchhiking their way from an island, our heroes hope to spend the rest of their summer on a freight train but end up stuck in the middle of an industrial zone for several days… With nightfall they find shelter in a boxcar at the center of one the largest train yards in France. This photography book shares the landscapes that freight rides often travel through: standard housings, superstores, abandoned concrete, ailanthuses, butterfly bushes, rail roads and highways. Despite failure and the impossibility to get on a freight train, they come to find in such outskirts some of the unknown they seek.

44 pages
limited edition, 100 copies
spiral bound
color digital printing
silkscreened PVC fold out cover
+ b/w photocopy booklet
+ postcard
language : FR 🇫 / EN 🇬🇧
printed in France

« Campagne des Chiens de la Route » is an ode to freedom ; a highlight through three contemporary travel books relating  three expeditions of the Road Dogs pack. Aboard freight trains, the latter explore remote places as they wander between industrials zones, empty buildings and other marginal territories. Each operation is a full adventure by itself, with its share of encounters, adrenaline and suspended moments.