15 EUR
Road Dogs (France)

In the wake of digital over saturation, the written tradition seems to be an ancient relic, a dying habit, of which the closing of post offices bear-witness to this harsh reality. Counterclockwise from the overconnected ecosystem, this adventurous tale has been constructed through a transmission between two travelers and an still image-crafter. At every step of the journey : Stakeouts, lingerings, anticipations, and conquest text messages are send as form of smoke signals, whose preciousness is measured by their parsimony. These brief concise and synthetique text messages, are being transmittied to a recipient who interprets them and brings them to life. He then sculpts these shadow images of the adventure through this process of imaginative feedback. The lived journey, the recited journey, and the dreamed journey are reunited to constructed three dimensions of one singular territory.

100 x 100 cm
limited edition, 200 copies
full color offset printing
on Magno paper (half matt) 115 g/m2
+ cargo cover clasp
+ postcard
language : EN 🇬🇧 / FR 🇫🇷
printed in France

« Campagne des Chiens de la Route » is an ode to freedom ; a highlight through three contemporary travel books relating  three expeditions of the Road Dogs pack. Aboard freight trains, the latter explore remote places as they wander between industrials zones, empty buildings and other marginal territories. Each operation is a full adventure by itself, with its share of encounters, adrenaline and suspended moments.